Y-Times Affinity Program

Lower your credit card feesY-Times has partnered with a Merchant Services Provider, Pathway Payments, to bring an exclusive offer to Y-Times customers, past and present.

Similar to GroupOn©, Affinity or Group Purchasing Power is all the rage! Pathway Payments has created an Affinity Group made up of Y-Times customers. For those that switch their Merchant Account to Pathway Payments, their combined credit card processing volume is used to qualify for rates that are lowered as the group's volume increases. The more sales the group does and the more Merchants that join, the lower your rates!

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Here is how it works:

  1. Your current credit card processing statement will be analyzed to determine a "Merchant Account Risk Profile". (Factors include Chargebacks, Returns, Products Sold, Business Model, Average Invoice Amount etc.)
  2. If you qualify, a new "Base Rate" will be determined. (Guaranteed to be at least 10%, or more, off your current rates and fees)
  3. Every quarter the "Group Total Volume" is aggregated and analyzed. If a new "milestone" is met, you receive a 4% discount off of your newly established Base Rate.
  4. There is no limit to the discounts. Once you achieve the milestone, your new base rate is established. Your base rate will never increase ... it can only go down as the group's volume increases or new members join the Affinity Group.

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Other Benefits for joining Pathway Payments Affinity Group Merchant Accounts:

  • No Application Fee
  • 60 Day Free Trial
  • No Statement Fees
  • Free Online Reporting
  • No Annual Fees
  • Easy to Read Statements
  • No PCI Compliance Fees
  • Free Quarterly Account Reviews
  • No PCI Non-Compliance Fees
  • Easy Turbify Store Integration
  • No "Just Because" Fees
  • No Downtime to Switch
  • No Set Up Fees
  • 24/7 Service

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