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Has your site fallen behind the times? Maybe the look and feel is "old school"? Or it's not responsive? There are many reasons a Turbify store might get neglected: the merchant might not have enough time to update the overall look of the site. Or perhaps the funds are not there to pay for a full-on redesign. Or, sometimes it's believed that a Turbify Store cannot be given a modern facelift. Well, it is not the case! With Turbify Turbify you have full control over the entire structure of every page of your store, so whatever nice site you saw somewhere, or whatever cool feature your friend told you about is possible. A complete redesign, however, takes a lot of time and effort, both from the part of the merchant and the designer/developer, therefore such an undertaking cannot be realized on the cheap. However, if you don't have the funds available for a complete redesign, you still can give your site a modern, up to date, and functional facelift on a limited budget. The key to this is using and customizing one of the growing number of themes available in Turbify.

There are currently three such themes available:

These themes all have a modern design.

They are feature-rich right out of the box.

They are responsive so they work on mobile devices just as they do on desktop.

And they are reasonably fast even without any extra speed optimization.

And, last but not least, we know these themes, because we designed and built them!

How can I get one of these themes?

The theme can be applied using the new Theme Manager. Theme Manager can only be enabled on stores that run on Editor V3.0, so if your store is not on V3.0, you'll have to upgrade first. The catch here is that if you simply upgrade to V3.0, any custom templates or customizations you might have will be wiped clean. Therefore, such an upgrade is better left for the professional.

If your store is already on V3.0, you can click "Theme Manager" in the Store Manager page and pick one of the themes yourself. This will leave your custom templates intact, however, if your templates include any customizations, those customizations will have to be manually "wired up" again to your new theme.

Since there are lots of opportunities to break your site (hence the reason "Theme Manager" is not turned on for already operational stores) it is recommended that you let such upgrades be handled by a professional.

What do you get when you order the Basic Store Facelift Package from us?

Global Styling

  • Mockups: You will be provided mockups for Home Page, Category Page and Product Page, reflecting customization of colors, fonts and minor layout adjustments; Examples of your actual product inventory will be used (product imagery and info)
  • Colors: Update branded color throughout the theme's design elements (e.g. menus, buttons); Assign appropriate highlight/emphasis color.
  • Fonts: Update the font family to an appropriate selection.
  • Formatting: Minimal formatting adjustments, e.g. the alignment of columns of text links and icons in the footer.

Home Page/Site Wrapper

  • Logo: Update masthead with your logo (custom logo design services are also available).
  • Floating Cart: Configure with your branded colors.
  • Drop-down Menus: Update text color and font of provided top navigation menus.
  • Home Page Body: 1 custom designed hero image and up to 2 featured thumbnails will be provided (custom design services are also available for any additional creative for these areas).
  • Back to Top Arrow: Custom design of dynamic back to top arrow.
  • Email Newsletter: Plug into a 3rd party newsletter signup service of your choice, e.g. Campaigner, MailChimp (basic integration included).
  • Social Channel Buttons: Configure "follow" buttons to link to your social media channel pages.

Category/Sub-Category Page

  • Banner: 1 custom designed full width category page banner will be provided.
  • Product Info: Font selection and styling of product name and pricing; Showing/hiding these elements and add to cart buttons.

Product Page

  • Image Viewer: Lightbox Image Viewer (w/multiple image support) and Hover/Zoom is provided. Your actual product imagery will be featured within this tool in the mockup.
  • Buy Box: Update color of Add to Cart button.
  • Cross Sells: Set up of Turbify Cross-Sells tool.

Cart/Checkout Pages

  • Design/Layout: Applying the same design theme as the rest of the store (colors, uploading logo, updating color of buttons and page elements).


  • Mobile: Responsive Layout is included in the template.
  • Page Load: Lazy Load is included in the template.
  • Site Search: Set up of Turbify Advanced Site Search, adjusting color settings and responsive layout.
  • Labeling: Install label customization feature; Headline overrides Name on Category, SubCategory, and Product Pages
  • Read More/Read Less: Expand and collapse additional text on lengthier captions throughout your store.
  • SEO tags: Ensure proper installation of Title Tags, Meta Description Tags and Image Alt Tags (on core image elements).

Notes on Scope of Work and Extra Charges

The following scenarios may require additional attention by us and may lead to additional charges:

  • Third Party Custom Functions - We will attempt to reconnect any custom functions you may have in your current templates, however, this might not be possible. Some third party functions require special care or special procedures and may need to be reinstalled by the original vendor (a few examples are YourStoreWizards' "Speed Wizard", KingWebmaster's "Advanced Shipping Manager", or PracticalData's "MyAccount" feature; there may be others.) We can review your store and make you aware of such functionality beforehand.
  • Additional Features/Functionality - We will do our best to fully assess ahead of time, but we may later encounter things we didn't spot initially (maybe a stray multi-add table on some pages), which need to be specifically addressed. We will try to make do with any existing functionality as is, but ultimately we may need to charge extra to make the feature conform to the new site design aesthetic or responsive layout, and it may even be recommended that it be reinstalled. We will let you know if such a situation arises.
  • Additional Layouts - One layout is provided in the theme for each of the store's core pages listed above (Home Page, Category, Sub-Category, Product Page). If an alternate layout is desired for a page, e.g. a list view for the Sub-Category Page, either in addition to or instead of the thumbnail view provided by the theme, additional charges will apply.
  • Additional Pages - For any pages on your current site which are in addition to these core pages, e.g. About Us, Contact Us, or other resource pages, we will need to see how effectively they appear and function within the new store theme, and determine if additional formatting or other coding attention needs to be applied (at additional cost).
  • Hard-Coded Content - As always, any hard-coding found on your current pages, e.g. manually entered HTML formatting within your caption fields, cannot be globally accommodated or adjusted to fit within a new theme, and would likely require additional treatment by either you or us (at additional cost).

Note on Retainers: All site design engagements with Ytimes are accompanied by a monthly retainer, which is billed separately from the project's design and development costs. This addresses communications, consulting and brainstorming on topics related to the project. The retainer will renew each month for the duration of the project. We will provide an estimate of the project length, based on the final scope of the project (the extent of required custom design or usability features to be installed), but ultimately this will also be influenced by how quickly the merchant provides feedback on reviewing submitted designs and testing the final coded pages.

Questions & Answers about Basic Turbify Store Facelift

How do I know if I have version 2 or version 3 store editor?
The easiest way to tell is to look in Store Manager, and check if you see Theme Manager under the Edit column. If you do, then you have V3, otherwise V2.
In Theme Manager, these themes say they were created by Y-Times. Is that true?
Yes, that's correct. The first three themes (Fanal, DiVitto, and Sambee) were designed and coded by us, Y-Times!
Will I be able to change colors on any of these templates and add more menu options to the drop-down menu?
Yes, the templates are still fully customizable, just like the current ones. These templates are also written in RTML, which means we have full control over the layout, functionality, and HTML source.
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