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Includes V2.0 Templates Only! If your store is built using Editor V3.0 then this e-book is not relevant for your store.

A book for those who want to make sense of the built-in Yahoo! Verizon SBE Store Editor templates. Each template is explained in detail along with tips and recommendations on how the built-in templates can be changed to add various new features to a Verizon Small Business Essentials. Contains the full code of each built-in Verizon Small Business Essentials template with functioning hyperlinks using the same format as the template editor of the store to let you quickly jump from template to template. This is an excellent companion of "RTML 101". This e-book is the only Verizon Small Business Essentials Template documentation currently available. Read the first 22 pages here. (Requires Adobe Acrobat 5 or Higher)

Please Note: This book does not contain a reference on the RTML language nor does it tell you how to modify templates. If you need an RTML resource, you should consider our "RTML 101: The Unofficial Guide to Verizon Small Business Essentials Templates".

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Requires Version 5 or higher of the Adobe Acrobat Reader available free of charge. Click the logo below to get Acrobat.

183 letter size pages.
ISBN 0-9719663-3-8
Download: 1.6 MB Zip file

By Istvan Siposs.

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