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October 2006. This guide has not been updated for Turbify Editor V3.0 and RTML 2.0. If you have opened a new Turbify in October 2006 or have upgraded your Store via the Design Wizard, then this guide may not be for you as the screenshots have changed.

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Michael Whitaker, Author

About this guide

Turbify is a powerful e-commerce platform for small businesses. Business owners can set up a virtual store and be selling their products and services online in minutes. The standard templates provide an easy way to build the store without requiring programming skills, while providing very powerful backend tools.

However, if you want to achieve a truly unique storefront you need to know about RTML - the programming language of the Turbify system.

Using our experience with the Turbify system, we put together this introductory guide, which contains valuable tips and tricks for other Turbify owners. We hope that it will form the basis for you to explore many other ways of modifying your store.

Who is this guide for?

  • People who want to build a better storefront by going beyond the standard features of the Turbify system.
  • People with a good knowledge of HTML and the regular editor, but who are not full-time Turbify developers.
  • Small business owners who may want to implement a few changes, but who cannot justify the expense of hiring a consultant.
  • Modifying templates is pretty straightforward once you have the hang of it; however, you must be prepared to put in time and effort to learn it.

What you will find in this guide

The format is a visual quick start guide; 60 pages with lots of screenshots and many step-by-step instructions. Real practical examples include the following:

  • Learning to use the template editor.
  • Using your own "add to cart" image.
  • Adding custom logos and images to the navigation bar
  • Putting a search field in the navigation bar.

The focus is on learning by examples - showing you how to read and modify the relevant templates rather than going through the theory behind RTML. In most real-life cases you will be editing templates instead of creating new ones from scratch, and you won't need to know about all RTML expressions.

What you will not find in this guide

  • A deep theoretical analysis of the RTML language. Yahoo! Store is intended to allow small business owners to get into e-commerce without requiring outside help, so the emphasis is on providing easy-to-follow examples.
  • Information on other aspects of Turbify, such as credit card processing or tax calculations. The existing Turbify help files cover those well enough.
  • Every imaginable worked example. Every website has different requirements, and it is hoped that this book will provide you with enough of an understanding of templates so that you can do your own template modifications to suit your particular needs.

This is an introductory guide to modifying templates; if you are a full-time developer or require very detailed template customizations, then this guide may not be right for you. (For an additional resource on RTML, please refer to the book RTML 101: The unofficial guide to Turbify templates by Istvan Siposs available in this store.)

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RTML for Turbify is written by Michael Whitaker of Monitus, LLC. Please contact him directly with questions regarding this book.

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