Yahoo Store Editor V3.0 and RTML 2.0

Now that Yahoo! Store Editor V3.0 and RTML 2.0 are out, you may be wondering how the RTML books available here are relevant. Editor V3.0 includes completely retooled templates, so the old, 1997 technology templates are out. The new templates are more streamlined and conform to today's HTML standards. These new templates are available to those who are new users of Yahoo! Store, and those who choose to upgrade their editor to V3.0.

Should I upgrade?

If you have a legacy store and don't have custom templates yet, then by all means upgrade. After the upgrade, the store editor and catalog manager will still be the same, so you can continue to work the way you do now. Plan to spend some time customizing your store again though, but if you aren't using custom templates, then it may not be a big job.

If you do have custom templates, however, then our recommendation is that you do not upgrade to V3.0. You can read Yahoo's reasoning here , but basically if you do upgrade you will lose all of your custom templates, custom variables, and custom types. This can be disastrous for an already operating store.

What about RTML?

The new templates are still based on RTML, although they now use what is called RTML 2.0. RTML 2.0 is essentially the same as the original RTML, there are a few new operators mainly to provide more compatibility with standard HTML tags, and some of the existing operators changed to include standard parameters such as class or id. Otherwise RTML is the same, so is the template editor.

On that note, RTML 101 has been updated to cover RTML 2.0.

Since the templates are completely different, if you are now using Editor V3.0, then our Yahoo! Store Template Reference is no longer applicable (unless you are on Editor 2.0).

If you plan to create completely custom templates, then Custom Templates NOW! is also relevant. That ebook has already been updated to cover the nuances applicable to Editor V3.0.

Deconstructing Y-Times, again, is useful if you want to learn RTML and see how it can be used in "real life", be it the old or new editor or RTML.

While some of the code samples and references in RTML for Yahoo! Store are not applicable to the new templates, that guide still provides the quickest way to get your feet wet customizing templates and starting to learn RTML.

Finally, Yahoo Store Tips & Tricks has been updated to cover Editor 3.0.

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