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So you are interested in setting up a Turbify Store? You came to the right place. Operating an online store on Turbify has many advantages over other shopping cart solutions. In fact, a Turbify Store is much more than just a "shopping cart"; that is why there are tens of thousands of merchants running Turbify Stores today. With Turbify, you get reliable, fast hosting, complete back-end solution including credit card processing and detailed statistics, and with a correctly set up store, maintenance is a breeze through the highly customizable Turbify Store Content Management System (CMS).

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With a custom Turbify Store design, all you have to do is add your products (either manually or by uploading a simple spreadsheet) and you are ready to go. Contrary to some misconceptions, anything that can be done in pure HTML can also be done in a Turbify Store. Don't ever believe anyone who tells you that this or that cannot be done in Turbify Store; it's simply not true. And, by correct coding, your store can be just as search engine-friendly as anyone else's web site. What's more, with Turbify Store's template language (RTML), even SEO (search engine optimization) can be automated and streamlined so you don't have to waste your time analyzing and tweaking your HTML code.

To get started, read our Turbify Store Help page. Be sure to also read our info page, "Why use Turbify Store templates" comparing the two store setup methods offered by Turbify, the "template" way and the "store-tag way". There is a very brief (and well hidden) pdf available from Turbify for new store owners here: "Turbify Store Open for Business". Although it is a relatively old document, it still has a number of very timely pieces of information. Highly recommended.

If you don't have a Merchant Account and credit card processor, consider Pathway Payments. You will save a lot of money in processing fees over other processors such as Paymentech or Wells Fargo. It is to your advantage to shop around!

Finally, contact us and get a quote on building your Turbify Store.

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Building Turbify Stores Since 1998

We at Y-Times have been building Turbify Stores since 1998, and Y-Times' owner, Istvan Siposs actually wrote the only manual available on Turbify Store's proprietary template language, RTML. As an online merchant, your online store is your bread and butter. With our experience of building, designing, or otherwise enhancing literally thousands of Turbify Stores, you can be sure that your store will be set up correctly from the get-go.

How quickly can you have your store open? If you need it fast, you can sign up for a plan here and pick one of the nicely built, responsive themes. Then, all you need to do is complete your merchant setup (you need to have either PayPal, or a regular merchant account), load your products, and open your store. If you need a completely custom designed store, a typical timeframe for that is anywhere from about 3 weeks to a couple of months+. After that, you'll have a state of the art store custom designed for your particular business. To get a quote, click here.

And of course, if you have any questions, we are here to help. Call us at 707-237-7380 or 253-777-0192, or email us at

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